Voices 4 Kid’s

Ages:  6 – 7 yrs:     Class: 45 minutes / One day per week      

Requirement:  A 4 display folder / Vocal Trainer CD 

Voice 4 kids is an exciting, fun filled, versatile and a specifically designed music programme for the ages of 6yrs – 7yrs hosted by Danielle SmithView Danielle’s profile  and is delivered within a small group environment one day per week, classes run for a duration of 45 minutes, students are required to have an A4 display folder and a Vocal Trainer CD which can be purchased through the Wellard School Of Music. Songs/material chosen for this age group is very appropriate including choreography, as movement is an important fundamental for children of this age. Group learning is fun, and presents an opportunity for students to attain important values and skills that may not be evident in other music learning environments. Students are more motivated to learn in a social environment, and will tend to stretch further and practice more to ensure they are able to keep up with their peers. The group environment breeds confidence, self-esteem, and develops their social skills. read more about the importance of group learning

Meet our very talented vocal specialists/mentors

Students are initially taught the fundamentals of breathing, projection, pronunciation, pitch control and chest/head voice, scales and arpeggios, which can be practised at home using their “Vocal Trainer CD.” These uniquely designed classes offer students the opportunity for solos, and to further develop their skills for singing in unison, harmony, dynamically, and expressively together, covering a diverse variety of song styles and genres, whilst developing their musical ear, sense of pitch and tone. Students are shown how to incorporate movement (Choreography) whilst singing, this activity is “SO MUCH FUN!”  and allows them to relax, enjoy the experience and perform better, “and is always quite noticeable.

” The secret is to have fun while singing and everyone knows how to do that! “

Students are encouraged to perform in recitals, which are held at the end of each semester. Our recitals are traditionally known to be friendly, encouraging, warm and fuzzy and the children especially look forward to this event, this is very important and helps them develop their performance skills and above all “A HUGE! CONFIDENCE BOOSTER!” read more about the importance music has on children                                                                                      

“Singing has physical benefits, it increases oxygenation in the bloodstream, exercising major muscle groups In the upper body, and singing reduces stress through the endocrine system linked to our sense of emotional well-being. When children and adults sing in music class, they’re not only having fun!, they’re getting a physical workout and reducing stress too!               Says Professor Graham Welch of the University of London, who has studied developmental and medical aspects of singing for 30 years.

Contact the WSOM for class times/costs or any further assistance you may require      Contact:  The Wellard School Of Music  or call (08) 92764276