Simon Halling

Guitar Specialist/Mentor For The Wellard School Of Music (WSOM)


Simon Halling is guitarist extraordinaire, teacher/mentor for the Wellard School Of Music and a very experienced performer. Simon began playing the piano at a young age, and then moved on to guitar where he spent the next twenty five years refining his talent and passion. Simon has been a professional guitar/music teacher for the past fifteen years, delivering lessons to young children through to adults in group and private environments.

Over the years Simon has mastered the many different styles that are required today as a professional musician, performer and also as a teacher in order to cater for the many different students with different needs. Of course like any musician, Simon loves to perform and entertain the masses, he has been a performer for many years playing many diverse gigs ranging from solo, duo, and many different bands, and understands that these valuable experiences should be passed on to his students as part of their weekly lessons. In his own words,“A nice reward after all the practice and rehearsals, and playing a variety of music and styles helps keep you on your toes, this also helps when dealing with the diverse range of audience these days”

Simon is also an accomplished composer, and has recorded many of his own works/music which have been played on many different radio shows including interviews… , one of the many highlights of his recording career to date was a visit to Phil Rudds recording studio – drummer  for one of the worlds most accomplished bands – AC DC.

Simon to this day stills picks up his guitar everyday and either plays, composes or records whilst continuing to develop his style and skills.

Simon’s philosophy: “Music is an awesome journey, and the fantastic thing about teaching others, is that you’ve got to help them with their own journey”.                                                                               

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