All ages to Adult: Class: 30 minutes/One day per week: 

Private Lessons are delivered one on one and offered for Piano, Vocal, Guitar, Bass, and Violin for all ages,  each 30 min lesson is tailored specifically to meet the individual needs of students who may be preparing for an AMEB examination, an important audition, or simply developing skills that will last a and provide the individual with a lifetime of music enjoyment, however children younger than 7 years including any beginners under 11 years would be encouraged to attend specific programs which are delivered in a class/group environment. Class/Group learning presents an opportunity for students to attain important values and skills and are more motivated to learn in a social environment, and will tend to stretch further and practice more to ensure they are able to keep up with their peers. Private lessons runs for 30 mins in duration, lessons are subject to availability, PLEASE speak to admin in regards to finding a time that may be suited for you. Above all, we strive to inspire and bring joy and happiness through music.