Music 4 Kid’s

Age: 5 – 7 yrs / Class: 45 minutes / One day per week                                                           Requirement: Keyboard at home – optional

Music 4 Kids is a most exciting music learning programme and is hosted by Haylea Nielsen              Veiw Haylea’s profile   Did you know the Wellard School Of Music are exclusive music arrangers for Music Sales Australia, England and New Zealand, we create written music for piano, vocal and guitar books (PVG) Including: The Wiggles:  ABC kids Australia:  The Essential Aussie kids Song Books:  and a variety of Children’s music books,                                                                                     View additional books which have been created by Tony Celiberti (WSOM)

Music 4 Kids is a specifically designed music programme for 5 – 7 yrs of age, although it is common that children younger than 5 yrs are often able to enter the programme.Music 4 Kids runs for 45 minutes – one day per week, this programme plays an important role in the development of your child’s confidence, intelligence, speech, reading, social skills, imagination, creativity and self-expression.                                                                                                                         read more about the importance music has on children

Music 4 Kids offers children the opportunity and the necessary skills required in order to further develop an understanding and passion for music, reading music, and to be able to play a variety of musical instruments competently. Each child is equipped with their own personal keyboard station, including a variety of other instruments, which are introduced during the course of the programme, such as the recorder, ukulele (small guitar), singing, and drums/percussion – used in order to reinforce rhythm and are always “LOTS OF FUN!”                                                                         read more about the importance of group learning  

“So much fun your child will not even suspect they are learning to read and play music.”

Music theory is introduced and developed through movement and a wide variety of activities, including a GIANT music stave and keyboard to jump on, all this in the aid of making music – learning fun! Children have the opportunity to perform in recitals, which are held at the end of each semester, our recitals are traditionally known to be friendly, encouraging, warm and fuzzy and the children especially look forward to this event, these performances are very important to your child’s confidence, self-esteem and musical development.

Contact the WSOM for class times/costs or any further assistance you may require      Contact:  The Wellard School Of Music  or call  9523 2004