Joseph Brunswick Guitar Specialist/Educator/Mentor

Joseph has a vast experience associated with guitar tutoring and performance including a knowledge of guitar techniques and how to apply music theory through performance whilst covering many aspects of styles and genres such as Contemporary, Classical, Jazz, R&B, Country, Blues Rock n Roll, Hard rock, Metal and many more.

Technical Skills: These are the mechanics of playing the guitar, how to physically get your hands to do what you want them to. These skills include things like fingerpicking, sweep picking, bending, vibrato, double stops, and other dexterity based skills.   

Repertoire: A guitar player isn’t a guitar player unless they can play songs, no matter how you slice it, a good guitar player knows a lot of songs. Guitar lessons aren’t necessarily for learning songs, that should be done during your practicing hours, however the other pieces (ear training, theory, and technical skill) should be taught in the context of new songs. 

Music Theory: Even during the early stages of guitar lessons, the student should be exposed to some introductory music theory, one of the most basic examples of this is teaching why certain chords go together, why does Am, D and G sound good when played back to back? These are simple building blocks which open up worlds of possibility later.                                                                                                   

Ear Training: This is music we’re learning to play, and for the guitar player that encompasses both the tactile experience of the instrument and the musical sound element as well, but for the listener, it is all sound. It’s all about the music.                                                                                                                          The most valuable and important skill that we can build as guitar players is our ear. Ear training involves hearing when things are in or out of tune, understanding a notes’ relationship to another note or group of notes, and being able to learn songs just by listening to them.                                

Joseph has recently toured throughout South Australia and New Zealand and continues to share his passion of guitar exporation to all students of all ages