Guitar Legends



Ages:  6 – 9 yrs:      10 – 12 yrs:      13 – 15 yrs:      Adult classes: 

Class: 45 minutes / Tuesdays from 3.45pm  

Requirement: Acoustic or Electric Guitar                                                          

Guitar Legends is hosted by Zac Smith guitarist extraordinaire, bringing a world of experience to this programm.…-educator-mentor/ ‎

Guitar Legends is a specifically designed music programme for ages 6yrs – adults (in their respective age groups), and is delivered within a group environment. Group learning is fun! and presents an opportunity for students to attain important values and skills that may not be evident in other music learning environments. Students are more motivated to learn in a social environment, and will tend to stretch further and practice more. The group environment allows musical benchmarks to be set and met by students and their peers, whilst developing their musical ear, sense of pitch, and hand-eye coordination. Students are accessed individually and allowed to develop at their own pace within the group. Group environment breeds confidence, self-esteem, and develops their social skills.  read more about the importance of group learning   

“Making music together builds bonds of trust and communication, all are vital for emotional well-being and academic success”.

Guitar Legends focuses on the essential techniques used for playing the guitar, students are exposed to a variety of styles and repertoire including many of the now famous legendary riffs, chord progressions, classics, Top 40, including rock, Blues, metal, reggae, whilst learning to perform solos using various techniques and variations. Each student is accessed individually and allowed to develop at their own pace. Students learn to read music, and gain a greater understanding of music theory during fun filled class activities.   each student has an opportunity to perform in our end of semester recitals, including the presentation of certificates. Our recitals are traditionally known to be friendly, encouraging, warm and fuzzy and students especially look forward to this event, this is very important and helps them develop their performance skills and above all “A HUGE! CONFIDENCE BOOSTER!”.

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