Danielle Smith Voice specialist/Educator/Mentor

* Vocal Stars *

My name is Danielle Smith, I am the “Voice” Specialist/Educator/Mentor for the Wellard School of Music “Vocal Stars” singing program.

I would like to begin by taking this opportunity in sharing with you my break down approach and process so as to give you an indication of how I run group classes.

We always begin with a warm hello to everyone especially if there are new students,

We then run through a wide range of vocal warm up exercises which you will find in the WSOM Vocal Trainer Audio Workbook, I am a firm believer in warming up the necessary muscles needed in preparation for singing just like a runner would if they were to run a marathon.

I choose two songs each term which are to be learned thoroughly, students are provided with lyric sheets which I highly recommend be stored in a folder which should be brought to each class/lesson. These songs are then performed at the WSOM Performance Recital/Concert which is run at the end of each semester, I encourage all students to participate in this event as it helps to build Self Esteem and Confidence and is always FUN!

Next we begin by breaking down each song by playing and listening to each bar section by section to really consolidate, students are encouraged to sing along with the track in order to begin building a certain level of confidence and understanding, we then progress to singing along to the accompaniment track, If there are any moments of off-key singing etc

I will pause the track and demonstrate the correct key/pitch so as to get everyone back in tune, we may continue to focus on a particular section until everyone feels they have achieved the desired result.

I set the class homework each week which is filled out in each student’s Vocal Trainer Audio Workbook, generally we tend to cover a variety of vocal exercises to help improve pitch, tone and vocal range including practicing our chosen songs. I also encourage weekly solos to which a student will pick and prepare (chosen from the week prior) then preform a solo, this helps manifest confidence. Generally as the class draws to a close I will take students request to sing a final song for the class, this is just something I find the students really enjoy.

The “Vocal Stars” program is filled with joy, fun and excitement delivered in a positive environment which helps to build Self Esteem and Confidence, I look forward to teaching each and every student, where friendships blossom, laughter is plentiful, and talent shines.

Kind regards                                                                                                                                                        Danielle Smith